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SmartTag settings for a Document Library


One you are done with the installation, before using SmartTag you need do some configuration settings.

Following are the details about how to configure SmartTag for a document library.

1. Launch your SharePoint site e.g.

2. On the Site Actions menu select View all site content

3. Click on a relevant Document Library in the Document Libraries section

4. On the Ribbon, click on the Library tab in order to see library level settings

5. Click on the Library Settings button and a Document Library Settings form will appear.

6. Prerequisite for SmartTag is that the columns* should allow multiple values. Please confirm the column settings.

Allow Multiple Values

6. In General Settings section, click on the SmartTag Settings link. This launches a SmartTag Settings form.

7. First section the SmartTag settings page is the setting to enable or disable the SmartTag functionality on the document  library. Select the ‘Yes’ option to enable it.


8. In the columns to tag section, since there are not columns configured for Smart-Tagging, the section appears as below:


10. There are two options one can configure Smart Tag for a document library.

Select this option, if in a document library, each column needs individual values for Words to scan* & Relevance*

          Select this option, if in a document library, multiple columns can have same values for Words to scan* & Relevance*, and if the administrator want to configure multiple metadata columns at a time.

11. The Clear Configuration button removes all the existing configuration settings and disables the SmartTag for the document library. So be careful with this button.:-)

12.Click ‘OK’ to save the settings and go back to Document Library Settings page.

13. Click ‘Cancel’ to navigate to the Document Library Settings page.



columns* :The term column in this document refers to the document library columns of type Metadata & which allow multiple values in it.

Words to scan*: Specifies the no of words need be scanned from the uploaded document.

Relevance*: Specifies the no of times the specific metadata term should appear in the scanned content of the document to mark it as a tag.

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