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Following are the installation instructions for SmartTag

Installation Through Command Line

For installing SmartTag on SharePoint 2010 using command line, following are the steps

  1. Copy “SmartTag.wsp” file in directory e.g. “C:\SmartTag”
  2. Start “SharePoint 2010 Management Shell”
  3. Type command “stsadm –o addsolution –filename C:\SmartTag\SmartTag.wsp”

  4. Deploy soultion on required sites using command “stsadm –o deploysolution –name SmartTag.wsp –immediate –allowGacDeployment –url <url of your site>”

  5. Once you deploy the solution, activate feature SmartTag using command “stsadm –o activatefeature –name SmartTag –url <url of your site>”

  6. This will activate “SmartTag” feature on your site. After completing installation you should be able to see “SmartTag settings” option available inside “Document Library Settings –> General Settings Group”


After completing all above steps you can start configuring SmartTag for document libraries on your site.

Please refer Configuration section for more information.

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