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This project was meant for SharePoint 2010 server. It is not supported on O365 o SharePoint Online.

SmartTag is a SharePoint 2010 solution which provides features of automatic identification of relevant terms and document tagging.

Consider a scenario where you have to tag thousands of documents while migrating from old or some other system to SharePoint 2010 or, your organization people are bored out of tagging documents manually as they are not able to find the relevant tags. In some scenarios you also might not be able to decide which tag is most suitable for certain document till the time, you manually read it. What if you upload the document and, the “Edit properties” form will display most suitable tags for document? What if, you don't have to manually tag thousands of documents after migration? If you are looking for the solution, SmartTag is the best solution for you.

You may like to quickly check the Demonstration before going ahead with the description.

Following are the features of SmartTag.


  • Bulk document tagging after migration of huge content
  • Auto suggesting tags to users while uploading documents
  • Tags are selected based upon the Managed Metadata Column root node
  • Automatic content tagging by "Enterprise Keywords"  or Term Sets
  • Content analysis by making use of IFilters
  • Finding relevant tags for optimal tagging
  • Configurable number of words to be scanned from documents while identifying tags
  • Configurable relevance parameter for finding best suitable tag for document
  • Works with Office 2007/2010 documents, PDF documents, TIFF images and almost every document type for which IFilter is available
  • Document library event handler displays most suitable tags based on the configured rules while uploading document
  • Configurable rules for individual document libraries and document library managed metadata columns
  • Web interface for easy setup
  • Command line utility provided for bulk tagging
  • “Open Source & hence, Free! Free!! Free!!! Smile

Please continue with the Documentation or Downloads to explore more about SmartTag.

Also, please feel free to comment, discuss, rate and suggest something that we can incorporate in next release.

Quick Pic:

Demo - Copy

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