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Regional Setting not implemented?


I have a swedish site where I try to implement SmartTag, and get the following exception when I upload a new document to a document list:

11/23/2012 13:45:25.23 w3wp.exe (0x105C) 0x16C8 SmartTag Error 111 Unexpected
Error occured in Tag ExceptionType: 'ArgumentOutOfRangeException' ExceptionMessage: 'Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: lcid' StackTrace: '
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TermStore.ValidateLanguage(Int32 lcid)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.Term.GetDefaultLabel(Int32 lcid)
at SmartTag.Common.Taxonomy.Tagger.Tag(SPListItem item, List`1 terms, TaxonomyField field, String stringToSearch, Int32 relevence)'
Source: 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy'   TargetSite: 'Void ValidateLanguage(Int32)'    c0594aa6-9bf8-4bfd-9b7a-029cc732301c
Probably this is happening because of this code line in SmartTag.Common.Taxonomy.Tagger.Tag() { ... value.Label = term.GetDefaultLabel(1033); ... } Since English has language code 1033 and Swedish has language code 1053.

Are there plannes to solve this?