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SmartTag Console Application

SmartTag console application i.e. “SmartTag.Application.exe” is an utility developed for mass-tagging document libraries on your SharePoint 2010 web application.

This is more helpful when you have completed migration of huge document contents, and then you want to tag them.  This is multithreaded program and, have many command line options that helps user to target specific document libraries, columns with options like Words to scan and Relevance.

Following is the screenshot of the console when application is executed from command line without any parameter specified.




If you execute the application without any parameters it will display the detailed list of available parameters to choose from.

Following is the example command to auto tag Document libraries named “Public Documents” and “Personal Documents” on site namd “http://rms:50000”

SmartTag.Application.exe –site “http://rms:50000” –doclibs “Public Documents;Personal Documents” –columnnames “Public Term;My Term” –wordcount 10000 –relevance 1 –threads 10

Above command will tag specified columns in both document libraries.

Please note that here, “My Term” column wont exist in “Public Documents” however, it will be used for “Personal Documents”. That means, you have to enter all column names those you want to auto tag. If column is not present in document library it will be ignored.

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