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Add/Edit multiple columns Configuration Page


To come to this page from the SmartTag Settings page, in the Columns to tag section in SmartTag Settings page, click on ‘Add  / Edit multiple column’ link.

Added Column


If pop up appears as shown below, then there can be three reasons:

  1. The document library contains no columns of type Managed Metadata.
  2. The column does not allow for multiple values.
  3. All the managed metadata columns are already configured for SmartTag.

No columns Found _2 

If the document library has one or more columns of type Managed Metadata and the column/s allow for multiple values, the screen appears like this:

Add-Edit multiple columns


If the library has some column configured already, those appear selected(checked)  in the columns’ list as shown below. If these columns are unchecked, the earlier settings that are configured for these columns

remain unchanged. If the columns are kept selected, then the Words to scan & Relevance settings for these columns are modified.



Select\de-select the columns to enable\disable the SmartTag for them.



Enter the no of words to be scanned from the document content for this column. E.g. If no of words are 500, then each time the document is added in the document library, first 500 word are scanned for tagging for all the columns selected in the above step.

Words to scan

Enter the relevance, which specifies the no of times the specific metadata term should appear in the scanned content of the document to mark it as a tag. E.g. if the relevance is 4, and a term from the selected Term Set appears at least 4 times in the first 500 words of the document that is being added, the document is tagged by that term. For all the columns selected in the above step, the relevance is set to 4.


Click ‘OK’ to save the settings and go back to SmartTag Settings page. Click ‘Cancel’ to navigate to the SmartTag Settings page.

SmartTag settings page displays the newly added column configurations as below:

SmartTag Settings

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